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Anti-Drugs and Substance abuse.

Substance use disorders are associated with wide range of short- and long-term health effect, Violence and radicalization. This link between drug use and violence creates a vicious cycle that, on the one hand intensifies drug users' exposure to and participation in violent acts, radicalizations, and, on the other, increases the stigma they face. Drugs also play a major role in aggravating sexual and gender-based violence, and increase the level of stigma women experience. In a culture where drug use is strictly connected with masculinity, female users are perceived as bringing shame on families and can even be denied treatment.

YAPAD has put in place strategies and plans to rehabilitate and save this young generation to focus in building their future by engaging them live skills training such as carpentry, plumber, masonry, tailoring, mechanics and also IT.

YAPAD organized youth training on effect of drug and substance abuse in Eastleigh


Education is a fundamental basic needs that help one enlighten out of ignorance and play an important role in creating better leaders. One of the challenges with the pastoral communities is the ideology of neglecting the right of education for the girl child. The girl child is perceived as a domestic workers and the community don’t value their education due to magnitude of ignorance. YAPAD advocates for the girl child education and sensitize the community on the importance of educating girl child and giving them opportunity to prosper in academic standard and compete with boys.

Environmental Conservation.

Natural resource management in these Pastoral context is drawn from the traditional and customary systems known as (Xeer). This Somali customary law (xeer) existed since time immemorial and it is considered as highly specialized in common resource use. The “Xeer” survived so long, not because of the backing of government or other strong institutions, but because of process owned by communities and the pastoralists recognizes the benefits of behaving in accordance with expectations of other community members.

The penalties of the Somali customary laws are treated as torts or civil wrongful acts and it is economic in nature in the form of fine or indemnity. YAPAD is closely working with indigenous communities to revive the Xeer system to manage the natural resource as it was seen to be very effective in Environmental conservation.

As peace lovers and volunteer driven organization, YAPAD brings together leading scientific and local knowledge, aimed at addressing social conflicts around conservation, resource use and activities that damage environments and ecosystems. YAPAD will closely coordinate with department of forest and wild life to advocate for deforestation (Tree planting) in the Malka Mari Game reserve and its environ.

NCIC commissioner- Mr. Abdiaziz planting tree in Lulis

YAPAD spearheading Environmental conservation (Tree Planting) in Lulis

There are other social, economic activities ongoing in the environmental conservation i.e. bee keeping and Agriculture that increases food security in the society.

Pastoralist empowerment.

Livestock raiding has been a source of conflict amongst and between pastoral societies in these regions for hundreds of years. However, more recently, these raids have become more rampant among the pastoral communities.

YAPAD is working around the clock to make sure conflict between pastoralist communities is reduced and managed i.e. Turkana and Pokot, Gabra and Borana and Garre and Degodia communities in rural Kenya.

YAPAD has developed prescriptions and potential solutions to the conflict, which are centered on transcending the relationship from mimetic violence to mimetic peace and reconciliation. Ultimately, by empowering local pastoral communities in the form of multiethnic coalitions, and promoting broad-based interest groups, cultural transcendence can reverse the conflict spiral into a relationship of mutual reciprocity and mimetic peace.