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Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Tools.

Policies and Procedure Manuals

YAPAD has well-articulated policy and procedure manuals that guides the day to day implementation of activities. YAPAD has Human Resource Management Policy, Financial Policy, Travel and Authorization Policy and Security Policy.

Reputation with Government and Community

YAPAD has good rapport with the cross border local authorities as well as the communities they are serving. YAPAD has a well-equipped physical regional office in Nairobi and Addis Ababa and four other satellite offices in Mandera, Takaba, Turkana and Moyale for proper coordination in the implementation of activities.

Funding Sources

YAPAD is non-profit NGO that depends on both local and international donors to able them to carry out its programs and indeed to support the vulnerable communities. To raise the required resources, YAPAD usually partner with International/National organizations for financial support.

YAPAD undertakes a problem-scoping assessment that not only informs but forms the basis for project funding proposals submitted to the relevant donors and partners for effective interventions in the entire regions.


YAPAD management structure is designed to encourage flexibility and autonomy on the part of its core management and support staff. YAPAD has well competent, experienced and dedicated staff who are ready to implement any desired activities in the entire region. The structure creates space for intellectual creativity and innovation and provides encouragement to staff members and other partners to adopt desirable working conditions.

Is also designed to ensure maximum accountability and high quality output. The key management organs of YAPAD comprise of the Board members, Program manager, two Program officers, Admin/Finance officer and supportive staff. For the smooth day to day running of operations as well as effectively and efficiently targeted administration of interventions. YAPAD has developed functional management practices, stringent internal control systems and policies to monitor key management aspects and outputs for effective and efficient running of operations. YAPAD has developed proper management practices, systems and policies. The most important systems and policies include the Memorandum and Articles of Association, and Project implementation policy all relevant to the current situation in these countries.