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YAPAD is focussing on the following core programs implementation strategies which include: -

Peace and security

Peace Building and conflict transformation: This response is aimed at transforming conflict and destruction into a constructive force which produces social change, progressively removing or at least reduce the conditions from which the conflict or the violence arisen. YAPAD undertakes civic education for peace, Peace dialogue, democracy and development to empower the civil society to take the initiative in the establishment of peace and good governance.

Inter- and intra-clan conflict:

Along Kenya-Ethiopia international borders, a number of long-standing inter- and intra-clan conflict between various communities persisted. The conflict has been triggered by many factors such as political representation and competition over the scarce resources. In a nutshell, the conflict in this region has easily escalated and turned in to fully fledged war that resulted to destruction of properties, lives lost and many left destitute. However, YAPAD played significant role in facilitating peace dialogues that prompted ceasefire that will eventually leads to promoting social reconciliation process and signing of peace agreements. YAPAD have so far been engaged between Garre-Degodia and GabraBorana conflicts in the past and have recorded series of peace agreements in collaboration with County and National Government.

YAPAD involvement in Peace dialogue between Garre and Degodia in Banisa Sub-CountyMandera

Countering Violent Extremists

YAPAD- Engagement in Countering Violent Extremism (CVE)

Radicalization and extremism: Terrorist activities are major problem in these regions as they always carry out terror attacks on citizens, infrastructure, communication equipment, and vehicles. Its presence has significantly impacted daily life, resulting in border closures with other countries, restrictions of movement and trade. They instilled fear amongst the communities and created mistrust between the local authority and communities along the border line. Radicalization of youth is typically higher in areas experiencing marginalization, with youth in border towns being prime target. This radicalization is a highly individual process with inconsistent characteristics of vulnerability. The radical groups use religious script to indoctrinate the vulnerable youth to join them with empty promises. To address this, YAPAD will engage the religious leaders to correct the religious narratives that are being misinterpreted out of context. YAPAD will closely coordinate with County and National government to implement the County CVE Action plan that was jointly developed by Peace Actors in these regions.

Youth, Women and PWDs Empowerment

Youth, women and PWDs in this borderland remain vulnerable for abuse due to low economic power influenced by lack of enough formal employment opportunities by all sectors and lack of easy access to existing support programs by respective governments. YAPAD will engage the atrisk youth in series of Peace building, CVE and entrepreneurship training skills in order to disengage them from being misused by the radical groups and clan elders to motivate them to join clan militia or recruitment by the terror groups; where they continue to suffer despite the empty pledges of goodies by recruiters of said groups.

Vocational Courses – (Computer training for at risk youth)

YAPAD is planning to support youth in embracing new technology system in place to create job for the disadvantaged needy people. The project wishes to open a technical computer and tailoring college to enable the poor people to get an opportunity of acquiring skills at their nearest needs to avoid youth drug abuse and create alternative way of finding their daily bread.

Nurturing talents through arts.

Nurturing talents program supports over 1500 youths and vulnerable children under four main projects: Reproductive & Development Health Project, Talanta yangu, Back to School Project, and Art Appreciation. YAPAD has structured to offer mentorship and outreach programs to children and young people living in these regions using arts, cultural expression and local sports with an aim of nurturing their creative talents and exposing them to networks. YAPAD will use sports as a tool for resilient and violence prevention for positive social transformation. The program recognizes and build upon the important role that sports, arts and cultural expressions plays as engine for economic empowerment and positive youth engagement and hence curbing radicalizations. YAPAD will closely work with peace actors and other stakeholder to promotetalents among youths in the entire region and will closely collaborate with County and national government docket to empower youths. With support from NCIC/Interpeace, YAPAD has implemented 1st peace marathon in Banisa during the celebration of World Peace Day 2020.

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene.

YAPAD aims to accelerate and sustain improvements in water and sanitation access and services in these regions and improve complementary hygiene behaviors. In across, expansion in improved water and sanitation access has barely kept pace with population growth, respectively growing by only about 0.9% and 0.2% annually over the past decade according to Joint Monitoring Program (JMP 2013) estimates.